Dear Dr Dang,

Safely your facility is the best I have ever been to. Can't believe anything can be better than your lab. Thank you for all you do for your patients. It is far beyond what is expected.
You are a perfectionist.
Wish you the best.
A K Mathur

A K Mathur

One of the finest path lab in India.


Dr Dang's smile and his presence makes one feel so good and positive .Love the way he takes care of each and every patient who walks in , be it a little baby in the arms or an old man .God bless you Dr Dang .
Amita Mahajan

Amita Mahajan

My Son was admitted in AIIMS for 6 months at birth due to multiple complications primarily IUT, colestatic jaundice and CMV. He was pieced for blood samples at least 2-3 times everyday . This made him fearful.At age of One for dengue test he could not be handled by any of the local labs or hospital labs cause his hysterical behavior. At Dr Dangs Lab he was handled with so much love and tact that he did even feel the prick. AMAZING.. Kudos to you and your perfectly trained team.Heaven for Kids.

Manish Nangia

My Experience at the New Center of the lab started with a warm smile from the watchman & then a walk thru the lovely driveway riddled with flowers It just made me forget if I was even sick I went up the Elevators I don’t remember having been welcomed with so much comfort like this anywhere. The process of registration were very efficient. The sample collection area was so well organised with clear cut token displays and I left with all smiles & an experience which I thought I should pen down.

Ashish Menocha

The experience I had starting from the reception to interracting with Dr Dang was breathtaking. I had visited the lab because I had discrepant reports for my tests and not only did I get the correct reports I also was explained and dealt with lots of patience and a high level of professional competence .
I am really happy to see a center with this level of excellence providing services to all of us.
Thank You.

Amit S.

Thank you so much for helping with my blood test at post lab hours and for explaining me the report on phone. This was my first visit at your lab. I have never seen such an excellent practice done by a private lab. I am highly impressed with your patient care qualities.

-Abay singh

Abhay Singh

My niece had been sick and had some abnormalities in her blood test. I took the liberty of calling Dr. Dang himself. He was gracious enough not only to talk to me but spent quite a bit of time over the phone. When I apologized for me talking so much of his time, his reply was" I have all the time on earth for my patients". We need more Dr. Dangs in the world to make this world a healthier place to live in.

Jasjot Paul Singh, MD
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