• AVL Electrolyte Analyzer

    AVL Electrolyte Analyzer


      The AVL 9180 Series Electrolyte Analyzers combine the advantages of automated analysis with the testing capabilities of several other types of instruments in a single, stand alone unit, designed to meet all the needs of today’s medical professional. The innovative AVL 9180 Series give you a choice of seven different interchangeable electrolyte configurations to fit your immediate and future testing needs. AVL’s long-live, maintenance-free electrodes – acclaimed by the world’s leading clinical chemistry analyzer manufacturers – are the heart of every AVL Electrolyte Analyzer. They form a totally visible sample chamber and ensure unrivaled precision and reliability.

      The 9180 Electrolyte Analyzer has an advanced design and technology , including selectable parameter capability. With this feature, the user can select the electrolyte menu that meets the laboratory’s needs and then easily and quickly change the analyte combination should the laboratory’s testing needs expand. For example, the 9180 can be configured to measure Na, K, and ionized calcium.

      Feature Highlights

      • Interchangeable electrodes
      • Versatile measurement modes
      • Single SnapPak for all configurations
      • SnapPak sensor
      • Multi-language capability
      • Programmable correlation factors
      • Leasing counter Economy standby modes

      Our lab uses this machine for the following tests:

      1. Sodium
      2. Potassium
      3. Lithium

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