CLINITEK 500

    CLINITEK® 500 Urine Chemistry Analyzer

      The CLINITEK® 500 Urine Chemistry Analyzer is Bayer’s most recent addition to the Lab-Based Urine Chemistry Systems. It is a semi-automated, benchtop analyzer that is flexible enough to meet any volume of testing and developed to increase productivity in laboratories where urine chemistry is performed. Advanced read head design allows automatic color determinations and nonhemolyzed trace blood detection on every sample. Additional features include automatic reagent strip detection for operator-paced sample processing, automatic calibration, confirmatory and microscopic sieve functions, and user interface with touch-screen display. A bar-code reader is provided with each CLINITEK® 500 to improve laboratory efficiency through rapid entry of sample identification, color, and clarity values. The CLINITEK® 500 is manufactured within an ISO 9001 registered quality system and is Year 2000 compliant. Read below to see how the CLINITEK® 500 will allow you to speed up the tempo of the laboratory, harness the full range of testing options, gain momentum with ease, and streamline data management.

      Efiiciency in processing

      • 1 strip processed every 7 seconds
      • 1 result every minute
      • Strip needs only to be placed analyser platform. Continuous “load and capture” mechanism draws strip into reader.
      • Strip automatically discarded into waste tray after processing
      • Barcode reader for data entry

      User Friendly

      • Easy to read touch screen display
      • Operator screen guidance for processing
      • Barcode reader for data entry

      Speed up the tempo of the laboratory

      • Integrates operations to keep your laboratory efficient.
      • Increases throughput to meet your volume needs.
      • Minimizes downtime; ready when you are.
      • High-volume throughput–7 seconds per sample–boosts laboratory productivity.
      • Operator-controlled pacing enhances efficiency.
      • Immediate start-up eliminates waiting.
      • Automatic calibration improves work flow.
      • Handheld bar-code reader identifies sample, color and clarity, minimizing errors and streamlining record keeping.
      • Dual sieve functions automatically identify samples requiring additional testing.

      Harness the full range of testing options

      • Convenient: Customize parameters once.
      • Versatile: Perform chemistries as necessary.
      • Secure: Be confident that abnormals are identified.
      • System Tests for multiple chemistries:
        • Bilirubin
        • Glucose
        • Ketone
        • Leukocyte
        • Nitrite
        • Occult blood
        • Protein
        • Urobilinogen
      • Measures specific gravity in .005 increments, from <=1.005 to >=1.030.
      • Measures pH in 0.5 increments, from 5.5 to 9.0.
      • Provides automatic non-hemolyzed trace blood detection.
      • Reflectance photometry determines color automatically on every sample–yellow, orange, red, green, blue and brown.
      • Sample clarity-reporting options–clear, slightly cloudy, cloudy, turbid, other–allow complete reporting.
      • Two sieve functions–confirmatory and microscopic–flag abnormal results for quick review.

      Gain momentum with ease

      • Get the system that’s user friendly.
      • Consolidate work flow.
      • Keep your laboratory productive.
      • Large display screen with touch-sensitive action streamlines operation.
      • Both tone and display guide operator through each step.
      • Alphanumeric sample identification ensures positive patient records.
      • Tests can be displayed in any order for reporting format flexibility.
      • Help feature on display screen clarifies operator interface.

      Streamline data management

      • Set the parameters when you set up the instrument.
      • Customize testing and reporting to follow your process.
      • Easily recall control records to meet QC reporting protocol.
      • Installation setup customizes parameters to laboratory specifications.
      • Reports conform to existing test routine, providing conventional units, SI or plus (+) system results.
      • User-controlled sequence number matches samples with results.
      • Operator identification can be included on patient and control results.
      • Each result is time-and-date stamped in user-defined format.
      • Memory stores 500 patient results for convenient data retrieval.
      • Memory stores 200 control results for regulatory documentation.
      • Flexible reporting options include internal storage, transfer to computer or documenting via internal thermal or external printer.

      CLINITEK 500 Urine Chemistry Analyzer

      A wide range of test parameters


      Clinitek 500 is suitable for use with:

      • Multistix 10SG
      • Multistix 8SG
      • Multistix GPDependable results when and where you need them

      Bayer’s Multistix strips lead the market in providing a range of rapid urine testing results. When read visually or automatically on either the Clinitek 50 or Clinitek 500 readers they enable on the spot clinical decisions to be made with confidence.

      Our lab uses this machine for the following tests:

      • Routine Urine Examination

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