• COBAS TaqMan 48

    COBAS TaqMan 48

    COBAS TaqMan 48 Analyzer

      Next-generation polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing for clinical laboratories. The COBAS TaqMan 48 Analyzer allows automated real-time amplification and detection of DNA or RNA for up to two simultaneous assays.

      Customer benefits

      • Application flexibility
        The product’s utility channel provides the flexibility to consolidate standardized assays for virus testing* and as many as 10 user-defined applications on a single platform.
      • Fast procedure, fast results
        Real-time PCR allows amplification and detection of RNA and DNA within hours.
      • Simple to use
        Closed analyzer requires no user interaction after sample loading is completed, reducing the risk of sample contamination and optimizing workflow.
      • Easy to integrate
        Compact footprint requires little space.
      • Superior assay performance
        Highly sensitive and highly specific, with a broad dynamic range.

      Additional features

      • Data management
        AMPLILINK software provides a simple, efficient user interface between the COBAS TaqMan 48 Analyzer and the custom-built, Windows-based PC supplied with the system.
      • Loading capacity
        Two different assays can be loaded on board simultaneously. Each thermal cycler can run individual PCR profiles.

      Our lab uses this machine for the following tests:

      1. Qualitative analysis of MTB
      2. Qualitative / Quantitative analysis of HBV
      3. Qualitative / Quantitative analysis of HCV
      4. Quantitative analysis of HIV

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