IMMULITE chemiluminescent immunoassay system

      The IMMULITE chemiluminescent immunoassay system is designed for ease of use, reliability, high-performance assays and fully integrated operation. Worldwide, IMMULITE systems have been chosen for various types of immunoassay testing due to their flexible platforms and breadth of menu.

      Assays for cardiac biomarkers, thyroid function, reproductive endocrinology, infectious disease, TDM, serology, anemia, drugs of abuse, diabetes, allergy, tumor markers and esoterics are all easily run with the true random access capability.


      Assays Offering Improved Clinical Discrimination Include:

      • True third generation TSH
      • One-hour Intact PTH
      • Extended range HCG
      • Pyrilinks®-D with two-week curve stability
      • Cardiac assay results in less than 15 minutes

      True Continous Random Access Means Immediate Processing for Improved Turnaround Time

      • STAT access at any time
      • Five-minute start-up
      • No load list required
      • Barcoded reagents

      Simplicity by Design – Easy to Use and Maintain

      • Real-time system monitoring
      • Stable, stored curves
      • LIS interface, with host query capability

      Engineered for Dependable Operation with System Reliability

      • Minimal maintenance
      • Few replaceables and consumables
      • On-Line Reference software

      A Platform for an Unlimited Menu with State-of-the-Art Technology

      • Enzyme-amplified chemiluminescence
      • Proprietary wash technique
      • Sustained luminescence
      • Light-signal attenuation for broad assay ranges

      Proprietary Wash Technique

      The heart of IMMULITE® is the proprietary Test Unit, which offers a breakthrough in automated bead washing. The Test Unit, containing an assay-specific antibody-coated bead, serves as the reaction vessel for all sample processing. Spinning the Test Unit at high speed efficiently expels fluid into the integral sump chamber. The tube design allows for multiple discrete washes within seconds, ensuring excellent separation of unbound material for highly sensitive assays. IMMULITE’s unique wash technique produces extremely low and consistent nonspecific binding, which is critical for assay performance.


      Sample and reagent are automatically pipetted into the Test Unit, which is then incubated at 37°C with intermittent agitation.

      Following incubation, the Test Unit is spun at high speed about its vertical axis. Reaction fluid is forced up and completely captured in the sump chamber.

      A series of washes efficiently removes unbound material from the bead and inner tube.

      Chemilumin-escent substrate is added to the Test Unit. Light emission is read with a high sensitivity photon counter.

      Sustained Chemiluminescence

      IMMULITE’s enzyme-amplified chemiluminescence translates into lower detection limits compared to conventional “flash” chemiluminescence. Rather than one or two photons per immuno-binding event, thousands of photons are emitted per binding event with the IMMULITE reaction. Automatic light signal attenuation effectively broadens the range of luminometer readings 100-fold. The sustained signal produced by the enzyme-enhanced chemistry allows multiple readings to be taken for more precise measurements.


      Our lab uses this machine for the following tests:

      1. Estriol
      2. Free Beta HCG
      3. PAPP-A [Pregnancy associated plasma protein]
      4. Human Growth Hormone

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