• MicroProbe Processor

    MicroProbe Processor

      The BD MicroProbe Processor is a compact, robotic unit that
      automatically controls the reagent and sample mixing, and
      incubation timing of the Affirm Microbial Identification Tests.
      The Affirm tests use specialized beads coated with
      microbe-specific DNA probes to qualitatively identify the
      presence of selected target microorganisms in clinical
      Each test consists of a panel of organism-specific probe
      beads, plus a specificity control (negative) bead and a
      procedural control (positive) bead. The beads are all located
      on a single test card called a Probe Analysis Card (PAC). The
      identification reaction takes place on the beads as the
      processor moves the PACs through a series of incubations
      with sample and reagent, resulting in a blue-colored bead if
      the test is positive.
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