VIDAS is an automated, muliparametric immunoassay system.This uniquely designed testing device stores the calibration in the analyzer’s memory, thus optimizing the cost-per-patient result. Plus, with its ready-to-use reagents, minimum maintenance, ease of use and uni/bi-directional interface, labor cost is also optimized. Automation and kinetic assay reactions yield rapid turnaround time.

      The VIDAS system allows for a flexible work routine with:

      • a sectioned architecture
      • an add-on modular system
      • more efficient workflow
      • batch testing (up to 100 tests/2 hr.)
      • single sample testing
      • STAT capability
      • multiparametric testing

      The quality of the VIDAS is unsurpassed—it is automated, has no carryover, uses fluorescence reading, is self-testing and has ready-to-use bar-code-labeled reagents.

      General Information

      The Automated, Multiparametric Immunoassay System:


      • Optimized Cost per Patient Result
      • Uniquely designed testing device
      • Calibration stored in the analyzer’s memory
      • Optimization of Labor
      • Ready-to-use reagents
      • Minimum maintenance
      • Ease of use
      • Uni- or bidirectional interface to LIS
      • Rapid Results
      • Kinetic reactions
      • Automated more efficient workflow


      • Flexible Work Routine
      • “Sectioned” architecture
      • “Add-on” modular system
      • Batch or single testing
      • STAT Testing
      • Multiparametric Testing


      • Automation
      • No carryover contamination
      • Fluorescence reading
      • Ready-to-use, bar-code-labeled reagents
      • Self-testing
      • On-board QC program

      VIDAS reagents are pre-calibrated. Calibration curves are provided for each lot in bar code format. Recalibration is only required once every 14 days, using a calibrator included in the reagent kit.

      The VIDAS test system uses a single-dose ready-to-use reagent.

      The SPR® acts as a solid phase for the reactionand is coated with antigens or antibodies.

      The strip contains all the reagents required for the reaction.

      The SPR acts as a pipetting device. At each stage of the reaction, it aspirates the reagents in and out.

      This original concept prevents any inter-reagent or inter-sample contamination. In addition, the absence of tubing, syringes and needles reduces system maintenance to a minimum.

      The VIDAS system uses the ELFA assay principle, combining the ELISA test method with a final blue fluorescent reading. This technology ensures excellent result sensitivity and specificity.

      Over 15.000 VIDAS systems installed worldwide.

      The quality of the VIDAS is unsurpassed-it is automated, has no carryover, uses fluorescence reading, is self-testing and has ready-to-use bar-code-labeled reagents.

      Our lab uses this machine for the following tests:

      1. H. Pylori
      2. IgM to Cytomegalovirus
      3. Anti HBV Core – IGM
      4. HBe Ag
      5. IgM to Rubella Virus
      6. IgG to Cytomegalovirus

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