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What information does FL-ANCA Test give ? Is there any difference between FL-ANCA and C-ANCA tests?
Anti Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody ( ANCA ) test is used for diseases associated with vasculitis [inflammation of blood vessels] These diseases could be Wegeners granulomatosis, microscopic polyarteritis and Churg Strauss Syndrome. FL-ANCA is the method [fluoroscent]for detecting ANCA. It could detect cytoplasmic [C ANCA] and/or perinuclear ANCA [p ANCA] positivity.
                                         Updated On :        Sep 21, 2009


i would like to know for the oppurtunities in clinical trials in ur lab
Kindly speak to Dr. Dang on this aspect. Ph: 41044445.
                                         Updated On :        Sep 19, 2007


how can i see my blood report on internet
Kindly call up on any of the following phone nos, so that we can assist you to view the report on the website - 41044445, 9899220533.
                                         Updated On :        Sep 17, 2010


what is mild sub drachnoid haematomy in brain
Please consult your physician for this query.
                                         Updated On :        Sep 15, 2009


is urine ngal test is available at your center, pls tell me the cost. thanx
We do not perform this test.
                                         Updated On :        Sep 12, 2011


Is there any test available for Vitamin A level in body, and if it is, how much dose it cost?
There is no test available for Vitamin A.
                                         Updated On :        Sep 08, 2009


As I have crossed 45,would like to get a regular check up for Prostrate.What are the recommended tests and does your lab conduct these tests.Thank You
The tests recommended are Total PSA and Free PSA. Yes, we do conduct these tests. A rectal examination can be done by a Urologist.
                                         Updated On :        Sep 07, 2010


just want to check whether the lab is opened on 6th Nov 2010. Thanks
Yes, the lab will be open on 6th Nov 2010.
                                         Updated On :        Oct 28, 2010


what is NS1antigen in dengue kindly explain
NSI antigen stands for non-structral protein. This test detect the NSI antigen circulating in the patients blood. It is a method of early diagnosis of dengue fever before the antibodies develop. Dengue fever can be detected as early as first day of the onset of symptoms. Dr.Swati Lalchandani
                                         Updated On :        Oct 26, 2007


Are you providing the prevention vaccination of Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, H1N1 Flu. If yes, please provide me the cost of the vaccination.
We do not provide any vaccination.
                                         Updated On :        Oct 25, 2010


My TSH is 5.89 IU/ml. for how long I have to take the medicine to get my TSH level unedr control.
For treatment queries please consult a doctor.
                                         Updated On :        Oct 19, 2007


Which test is to be done to know if one has HIV/AIDS, in short STDs. Please let me know ASAP. Regards, Sunny J
The following tests can give you in short about the STDs:- (1)HIV Immunoassay – if positive should be confirmed by Western Blot HIV. (2)RPR Test (3)If there is urethral discharge – smear for gonorrhea. (4)Blood test for Herpes Simplex Virus.
                                         Updated On :        Oct 07, 2011


is there any test to check for any vitamin deficiency in the body...and what does esr 20 means? pls explain..thnx
The tests available to check for Vitamin deficiency are Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12.Other related tests are Folic acid and Iron studies.ESR is a prognostic marker and it has to be co-related with other tests.
                                         Updated On :        Oct 06, 2007


Your reporting method is very detailed and nice . Do you have excellent specialists for this ?
Madam, Thank you for your message. We have trained and very experienced specialists for all parts of the lab area and they have been part of our system since a long time .
                                         Updated On :        May 21, 2007


This is the name of a variant factor V that causes a hypercoagulability disorder. Are you testing for this, if yes, what is the cost of the test.
We do not do this test.
                                         Updated On :        May 13, 2010


Minimum time of fasting before blood glucose and lipid profile tests? Can one drink water during the period.
10 to 12 hrs of fasting required before glucose fasting & lipid tests. Yes, one can have water during the fasting period.
                                         Updated On :        May 11, 2010


My daughter has TLC ount of 14700 in the blood heamogram test. What does it imply?
Please furnish the age of your daughter and the symptoms.
                                         Updated On :        Mar 24, 2008


Enloyed both poems in your lab- could I please get a copy? Kind Regards and Thanks
Thank you for the compliments.You will be soon receiving a copy on your e-mail id.With regards.
                                         Updated On :        Mar 19, 2008


What is ur turnaround time for reporting large histopath specimen
We normally take around 4 working days but not more than a week.In exceptional materials like thick bone a few extra days are taken.
                                         Updated On :        Mar 06, 2007


I have seen the report for my son which says "negative". Request if it can please be explained a little more. He is 17 years old and is suffering from dry eyes.
The Antibodies asked for are negative.The negative result needs to be interpreted by your physician with the clinical findings in consideration.
                                         Updated On :        Mar 01, 2008


Do you a package for the following tests.Thyroid,complete blood,uric acid
Yes we have a package for entire body profile which includes Sugar fasting,lipid profile,liver function tests, kidney function test,amylase, CPK and urine routine.
                                         Updated On :        Jun 21, 2011


I want to know about my report my Lab no is 420345 your websit is not working properly plz reply me as soon as possibel
Our website is working, there is no problem and we have checked your report on the web. Kindly check again, if you still need help please call at 41044445 and speak to Mr. Ashish.
                                         Updated On :        Jun 15, 2007


I am going to be married. I want to Know what test should be performed by me and me partner so that there are no complications later. Please advice.
There is no specified list of tests for premarital defined by the laboratory. A few tests are suggested which are HPLC, HIV and Complete Body Profile which includes CBC,ESR,Blood Sugar Fasting,Kidney function test,Liver function test,lipid profile and Urine routine. Apart from these any other tests suggested by a clinician after examination conducted. For any other Lab related query you can contact Dr.Arpan at
                                         Updated On :        Jun 02, 2010


I did not receive the password. Kindly send to me to see my report online. Regards. Waji Nihal
Your report has been mailed to you and for your reference your lab reference number is 715531 dated 19/07/10 and the password is GJL3044.
                                         Updated On :        Jul 23, 2010


What is the basic difference between P-anca test & c-anca test? are they preferred altogether? any interference which could lead to positive results of these tests?
They are two different neutrophillic cytoplasmic Antigens.When an ANCA test is positive, it is advisable to test for P-ANCA and C-ANCA. These tests can be done separately or together depending on the test methodology. These have no interference which will alter the test results. Kindly Note that you can get an ANCA positive with a negative P-ANCA and C-ANCA. For further queries please contact the lab personally.
                                         Updated On :        Jul 21, 2011


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