Our Family, Caring for Yours

Dr. Dang‘s Lab is known to be one of the best Quality Based Diagnostic Labs in the country.

Dr. Dangs Lab was started in 1983 with Dr. Manju Dang, MD and Prof (Dr.) Navin Dang, MD as the 2 partners. It has received numerous national and international awards including Dr. B.C Roy national award, FICCI healthcare excellence award etc. It was the first lab in the country to receive ISO-9002 certification and has been accredited by NABL since 2001 in Medical Laboratories. It offers a wide menu of tests in Biochemistry, Haematology including Flowcytometry, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Immunology, Histopathology and Cytology.

“Today, Dr. Dangs Lab is the only lab in India that has a mix of unparalleled report quality, personalised attention to patients, ethical work ideals and the highest repute in the doctor community,”


Prof. (Dr.) Navin Dang is the Founder & Chairman of Dr. Dangs Lab. His ethos, compassion and dedication to his patients are the key reasons Dr. Dangs Lab has reached the pinnacle of quality standalone labs in India. Having begun its journey with a small financial investment and a 400 sq. ft. area he along with his wife, Dr. Manju Dang, have developed the facility to a 30,000 sq. ft. specialised laboratory that doyens in the healthcare field swear by.

Dr. Dangs Lab is the only pathology lab in India with an extremely high doctor to patient ratio. The Dr. Dangs plays an integral role in all lab processes including phlebotomy and other pre & post-analytical processes. It is a pediatric sensitized lab with special pediatric phlebotomists and pathologists trained in pediatric sample reporting along with the best doctors with specialist pathologists for MRD and hemato-onco pathology. The lab’s critical callouts for emergency lab values along with the triple quality check policy that are unique to the lab are the foundation for it’s stellar services and unmatched quality.

DR Navin
Our Family, Caring for Yours.
experts at dangs lab
experts in excellence at dangs Lab
Our Promise
  • Established in 1983 with the core focus on patient care.
  • Specialised Pediatric Phlebotomists & Dr. Dangs available, on request.
  • Triple quality check policy, handled exclusively by doctors is among the finest in the world.
  • Globally approved equipment & methodology.
  • Awarded FICCI healthcare excellence award in patient experience.
  • Call outs for Critical Test Results.
  • Following a robust quality assurance system.
  • All samples (including stool, urine) reported exclusively by specialist pathologists & microbiologists.
  • Specialists for MRD (minimal residual disease), flowcytometry based testing, autoimmunity workup and infectious molecular biology testing.
What’s New in Dr. Dangs Lab
  • Quality Diagnostics In Delhi, Now in Gurugram!
  • Dr. Dangs Lab Introduces Lifestyle Packages
  • Wide Array of Comprehensive Allergy & Food Intolerance testing
  • BIOFIRE: Among the first laboratories in India, equipped with the comprehensive 1-in-all Filmarray for providing wholesome syndromic diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases in the shortest possible time.
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talented team at Dangs Lab
Computerized pathology labs
DR Navin Dang
Prof (Dr.) Navin Dang
Director & Founder
DR Manju Dang
Dr. Manju Dang
Director & Founder
Dr Manavi dang
Dr. Manavi Dang
Associate Lab Director & Consultant
Dr Arjun Dang
Dr. Arjun Dang
Associate Lab Director & Consultant
Dr Meenakshi-Bakshi
Meenakshi Bakshi
Director – Quality Assurance & Projects
Dr. Biswajit Sen
Sr. Director – Histocytopathology & Autoimmune
Dr mokta-sehgal
Dr. Mukta Sehgal
Director – Biochemistry & Immunoassay
Dr. Sonal Jain
Head – Haemotology
Dr.Devjani De
Head – Microbiology & Manager – Medical Content
Dr manik-agrawal
Dr. Manik Agarwal
Consultant Pathologist
Dr. Leena Chatterjee
President – Strategy & Operations
DrAkanksha Rawat
Dr. Akanksha Rawat
Consultant Pathologist
Dr. Binish Jawed
Head – Molecular Biology & Sr. Manager - Quality Assurance
Dr. Dangs Lab
Dr. Dangs Lab
Dr. Dangs Lab
Dr. Dangs Lab
Dr. Dangs Lab
Dr. Dangs Lab