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corona test at dangs lab

Target 2 lakh tests daily, pvt lab share remains under 20%

Asked about the low share, Arjun Dang, CEO, Dr. Dang’s Lab, told The Indian Express: “I think all private labs are stretching their limits to do COVID collections. Private labs have a major limitation of specialized and very expensive equipment, trained manpower, and space. Comparing private labs and Government labs is comparing apples and oranges. To sustain the business, routine lab work is essential, which now is far below normal (only about 18-20%). Although we practice the highest levels of infection-control protocols, there is still a lot of stigmas associated with COVID testing so we are trying to do home collections and drive-throughs. This itself requires investments in AC transport vehicles, manpower, and PPEs which are absorbed by the lab.”...
Released on : 26/05/2020
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coronavirus test in Delhi

Health care workers say border curbs have hit medical services, tests in Delhi

Health care workers said the closure of the borders had also hit Covid-19 testing facilities, which was a serious cause for concern. “The lockdown at the border means samples cannot be moved and our trained manpower is unable to report for work at this crucial time. I am working with around 20% of my staff, which has impacted the number of tests that we can do in a day. There shouldn’t be any borders in the National Capital Region, and such minor issues should not impact the government’s hard work of ramping up testing capability,” said Dr. Navin Dang, founder, Dr. Dang’s Labs....
Released on : 08/05/2020
The Hindustan Times

covid test in Delhi

Roche Diagnostics India receives import licence for its COVID-19 antibody test

The test received CE IVD certification and USFDA emergency use authorization (EUA) a few days ago. Navin Dang, Founder & Chairman, Dr. Dangs Lab, said “As India works towards ‘flattening of the COVID-19 curve’, we need the ability of testing with accuracy and capacity to meet the needs of such large scale testing in both Government and private sectors to revive the economy. Adding standardized immunodiagnostic serology tests could play a pivotal role in this process.” Antibody tests have multiple utilities at the level of the individual, community such as relating to COVID-19 epidemiology in India and for supporting vaccine development and research activities, he said....
Released on : 07/05/2020
The Hindu

Coronavirus testing kits from China

Coronavirus testing kits from China : Failing the tests.

Chinese kits have specific usage protocols. “From what I have seen of the rapid test protocols, most of them need to be stored at a certain temperature, around 25-30 degrees Celsius,” says Dr. Arjun Dang, a pathologist and CEO of Dr. Dang’s Lab, one of India’s leading pathology labs. “If the kits are left out [in the open] for even a short amount of time, it could affect their accuracy. After being opened, they must also be used within a specified time period.”...
Released on : 02/05/2020

covid 19 infected person may test negative

An Infected Person May Test Negative In 40% Of Cases

Several patients who have been tested positive for Coronavirus have complained that they tested negative when they took the first test. “While interpreting the results of a COVID-19 RT-PCR test, the referring physician must keep in mind the window period of the infection,” Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO, Dr. Dangs Lab, said. Dr. Dang says that labs should follow robust training programs for sample collection officers and it should be done in such a way that it can maintain its integrity and ensure the highest accuracy....
Released on : 02/05/2020
Outlook India

labs demand easier passage to ensure proper test

Labs demand easier passage to ensure proper testings.

Arjun Dang, the CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab, said the sealing came on the back of restrictions in Faridabad for the past two days. He said that two of his senior consultants could not come from Gurugram. “Earlier four molecular biologists, all residents of Faridabad, were also not allowed. We are authorized for COVID-19 tests and with four of the eight microbiologists not turning up for work, it becomes difficult to run operations. Eventually, we made arrangements for their stay in Delhi,” said Dr. Dang....
Released on : 01/05/2020 The Hindu

Drive Thru Select city walk

Drive Thru testing at Select CityWalk, Saket.

Drive-Through Testing Facilities COVID-19 drive through tests-How it works including getting an appointment. ...
Released on : 27/04/2020
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private lab testing-covid-19

Covid 19: Private hospitals use ‘other’ clause to test all patients.

Before any procedure, private hospitals are now conducting RT-PCR confirmatory test for Covid-19. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines allow only symptomatic patients to be tested. Asymptomatic patients are tested only in case of direct contact with lab-confirmed cases. Arjun Dang, CEO, Dr. Dangs Lab, said, “Guidelines need to be issued to allow testing for pre-op and pre-procedure patients. We need to protect our professionals. We have now reached a stage where every patient who has to undergo a procedure needs to undergo a Covid-19 test.” ...
Released on : 27/04/2020
Economic Times

faulty, overpriced corona test kits

Flop Chinese COVID-19 Test Kits: Did India Overpay?

A high court order has revealed how the government may have ended up paying vastly inflated prices for "dodgy" Chinese COVID-19 testing kits, while the government has said it hasn't lost a rupee. The court said the price is overrated and the kits were found of low quality. it may be for a particular lot or all of them are defected? On receiving complaints, ICMR reacted and canceled the orders of all kits. As a result, India did not lose any money....
Released on : 27/04/2020
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proivate labs testing coronavirus face hurdles

Red tape, price cap: Private labs testing for Covid-19 face hurdles.

Dr. Navin Dang, Founder, Dr. Dang's Lab, said: "Already, the price fixed for testing is a non-profit one. We have taken the same charge way back during the time of the SARS outbreak despite various geographical hurdles. Many state governments issued orders ignoring the ICMR which is impacting our functioning." The diagnostic centers also raised concerns about over-complicated processes and transportation hurdles. ...
Released on : 26/04/2020

employee safety on comeback-covid

Companies eye pvt labs to test staff, but may face hurdles.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) does not allow asymptomatic people without contact or travel history to get tested for SARS-CoV-2. However, employee safety remains a big concern for the human resources department.“Companies are contacting us to understand if they can get their employees tested,” Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab, told ET. “The current guidelines need to clarify this issue as the companies are keen that their employees are reported as negative for Covid-19 before operations start.”...
Released on : 25/04/2020
Economic Times

drive thru models are effective

Why drive-through models can be effective

Dr. Arjun Dang, Associate Lab Director, Dr. Dangs Lab points out, “Since this model requires less time to set up and ensures the seamless, safe and swift collection of the swabs, it’s easily scalable to attain deeper penetration in tier-one cities. As an effective emergency response plan, this will not only reduce the number of infected people entering hospital emergency rooms to be tested and potentially infecting others, but also increase accessibility to people who require the test.”...
Released on : 24/04/2020
Express Healthcare

cheap covid test vs conventional method

IIT-D develops cheaper RT-PCR test, gets ICMR nod

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, have developed a more economic real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test for Covid-19. This will say will reduce the cost of a test by at least Rs.700, they said. “I have not used a test kit without the fluorescent probe, so my confidence in the test is not high. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the test. I will prefer conventional technology that I am comfortable with instead of trying out a new test at this time, even if it is cheaper,” said Dr. Navin Dang, founder, Dr. Dang’s Lab....
Released on : 24/04/2020
The Hindustan Times

covid-19 private labs struggling

Covid-19: Private laboratories struggle with price caps,do only 17% tests

The cost of Rs 4,500 fixed by the Centre and the confusion in between once the Supreme Court made testing free has also put pressure on private laboratories. Dr. Arun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab, said, “The private labs are stretching their limits with the motive to increase testing and provide the highest levels of quality at the shortest possible turnaround time. The government-mandated rate of Rs 4,500 makes this a nonprofit initiative for most labs.”...
Released on : 23/04/2020
Economic Times

Trained technicians for covid testing

Rapid testing on hold, govt plans to scale up PCR tests

“The machines and kits are available and we have several vendors to choose from, but ancillary products like swabs and viral transport media, which is needed to transfer swab samples to the lab, are in short supply. Getting these basics right is important, as we need nylon, dacron or flexon swabs for sensitivity; cotton ones can contaminate the sample and influence results,” said Dr. Navin Dang, consultant microbiologist and founder of Dr. Dangs Labs, which was among the first labs to get approved for Covid-19 testing in India.“Getting trained technicians is also proving to be a challenge in the private sector,” added Dr. Dang. “Government labs have trained staff on call, but for us [in the private sector], adding staff is a big problem also because of the fear and stigma associated with Covid-19.”...
Released on : 23/04/2020
The Hindustan Times

asymptomatic cases of covid-19 in India

80% Covid-19 cases are asymptomatic: Dr Navin Dang shares his views.

80% of COVID-19 cases in India are asymptomatic. Listen to what Dr. Navin Dang, Founder, Dr. Dang Labs, has to say on this. ...
Released on : 21/04/2020

dangs drive thru for covid test

After Delhi, drive-through COVID-19 testing facility set up in Mumbai.

The drive-through testing facility was set up by Mumbai's Suburban Diagnostics, keeping in mind social and physical distancing norms as well as the safety of healthcare workers. Earlier this month, India's first such drive-through contactless testing booth was set up in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh area by Dr. Dang Lab. Several countries around the world are increasingly setting up such facilities as they limit healthcare workers' exposure while also reducing the strain on the already burdened facilities. They also add convenience for patients trying to get tested....
Released on : 21/04/2020
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pandemic disease

A laboratory technician from Dr. Dangs Lab displaying a coronavirus testing tube

A laboratory technician from Dr. Dangs Lab displays a coronavirus testing tube for a drive-through service during a government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus, in New Delhi on April 7, 2020. (Photo by Sajjad HUSSAIN / AFP)...
Released on : 18/04/2020
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select citywalk saket provides drive thru test

Select Citywalk provides drive-in testing facilities.

Select Citywalk in collaboration with Dr. Dangs Lab is set to provide drive-in testing facilities for COVID-19. The entire process is estimated to be over in 10-12 minutes, said a statement issued by the group. “The reports will be emailed and will be available on Dr. Dang’s website within 24-36 hours. Dr. Dang’s testing facilities for COVID-19 are government-approved". ...
Released on : 18/04/2020
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Diagnostic chain Dr. Dangs Lab along with Select Citywalk shopping center have partnered to provide drive-through testing facilities at Select Citywalk mall. The samples will be collected from inside the car, through the window of the station by the designated medical officer, post completion of the registration process online. ...
Released on : 18/04/2020
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select citywalk and drdangslab

Dr. Dangs Lab and Select CITYWALK come together to provide covid-19 drive-thru test facility

South Delhi’s very 1st drive-through testing facility for COVID-19. Select CITYWALK, Delhi’s most admired shopping center, and Dr. Dangs Lab, a premium chain of quality diagnostics in Delhi NCR have collaborated for the initiative of providing drive-through testing facilities at Select CITYWALK. This testing will be conducted across testing booths, at the rear side of the center. The initiative is done, to ensure maximum safety and minimum exposure to both the patient and the medical staff collecting the samples. Only one car can pass through the stretch at a time....
Released on : 18/04/2020
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cost of covid19 test in India

The Supreme Court’s initial directive to labs to do free testing for Covid-19 created a furore over

There was much confusion and angst over an April 8 order of the Supreme Court asking labs, be it approved government ones or private ones, to make tests for COVID-19 free. This followed a writ petition by Advocate Shashank Deo Sudhi who sought a direction for ensuring the free test of COVID-19 by all labs. Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab, told India Legal that the costs of tests could be put into three categories. Pre-analytical Costs, Analytical Costs, Post-analytical Costs....
Released on : 17/04/2020
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slow covid testing worry for india

Slow testing pipeline as big a worry as kit delay.

India carried out close to 27,000 COVID-19 tests on Wednesday and added 22 new labs in the last two days, ramping up efforts to speed up a process that is crucial to determine the extent of the outbreak but has suffered from long delays due to several bottlenecks. What really works in its favor is it doesn’t need a sophisticated lab infrastructure or highly trained technicians, and it gives results in 60 minutes. The only shortcoming is it runs two to four tests in one go, depending on the machine, but it can really help reach underserved areas with low access to technology,” said Dr. Navin Dang, consultant microbiologist and founder of Dr. Dang’s Labs, which was among the first labs to get approved for COVID-19 testing in India....
Released on : 16/04/2020
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Dr Navin Dang on coronavirus

Dr Navin Dang shares his views on dealing with coronavirus.

Dr. Navin Dang shares his views on dealing with coronavirus crisis. Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak. Take care of your health and protect others by doing the following: Wash your hands frequently. Maintain social distancing. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Practice respiratory hygiene. If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. Stay informed and follow the advice given by your healthcare provider. ...
Released on : 15/04/2020
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Dr Navin Dang on India Lockdown

Dr. Navin Dang on India's Lockdown 2.0

The Prime Minister announced that India will remain under lockdown till the 3rd of May with restricted economic activity in some zones. Will the lockdown finally see India ramping up testing. Kiran Shaw of Biocon says India needs to be testing at least 100,000 people a day Sangita Reddy of Apollo Hospitals and the President of FICCI says a fiscal package must be prioritized. and Dr. Navin Dang reveals that social stigma is causing people to test less, not more. They speak with Barkha Dutt....
Released on : 14/04/2020
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drive-thru kiosk

Drive-Through Kiosks For Coronavirus Testing In India

The first drive-through COVID-19 test site was initiated in West Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. Now, a drive-through kiosk has been set up in Gurugram. Dr. Dang’s Labs established the drive-through kiosk in Delhi. The patient has to roll down his/her car window. They have to tilt their head back to collect the swab from the throat or nose. All this process will take 20 minutes. After giving a sample, he/she can go away. The results will be sent on email and phone in a couple of days....
Released on : 13/04/2020
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safety measures taken while covid-19 testing

safety measures and precautions taken at Dangs Lab while testing for covid-19

A technician from Dr. Dangs Lab, in New Delhi, demonstrates before the media sample collection process for the Covid-19 test with the help of a dummy. The lab has initiated a drive-thru COVID-19 testing facility while trying to ensure maximum safety and minimum exposure for the subject and health care staff during sample collection. ...
Released on : 10/04/2020
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dangs lab drive thru

You can now take a drive-through coronavirus test at Dr Dangs in Delhi

Here are the official guidelines you need to keep in mind: Request for an appointment to be made online, in advance. Medical certificate stating a requirement of the COVID-19 test. Booking of a fixed timing for the test. Patients cannot simply drive up to the lab, they will need a pre-booking. Only patients who arrive in private cars will be allowed to be tested. (No taxi, scooter, bike, etc). Patients are advised to drive to the lab with minimal passenger capacity. ...
Released on : 10/04/2020
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Free testing of corona at dangs lab

Private Labs Seek Government Support To Conduct Free Covid-19 Tests

After the Supreme Court directed private laboratories to conduct coronavirus tests free of cost, many labs expect the government to come up with modalities so that they can sustain testing facilities amid their growing expenses. Arjun Dang, chief executive officer of Dr. Dangs Lab, said, “...we endorse the Supreme Court’s judgment which aims at increasing accessibility to COVID-19 testing and to make it affordable for the common man”. However, for private labs there are numerous fixed costs, including for reagents, consumables, skilled manpower and maintenance of specific infrastructure, he argued. ...
Released on : 10/04/2020
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Dr Navin Dang on rapid antibody tests

Is the rapid antibody test worth it? In India?

Rapid tests are blood tests for antibodies--IgM and IgG. Antibodies can form in the blood as a result of any infection; it need not be a viral one. Self-testing for COVID-19 is strongly discouraged because it could instill a false sense of security. Moreover, a rapid antibody test needs to be followed up with a clinical diagnosis and an RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) confirmatory test. If you have symptoms, the best advice is to call your doctor and follow instructions. The government has cleared only certain rapid test kits to be commercially sold in India, and if you are at all purchasing one, do check on the approvals and quality of the kit. This test is available at government and private labs....
Released on : 10/04/2020